RTC company

In 2014 New Store Europe Czech and the global company RTC joined forces in the Czech republic and are now doing business under the name RTC. 

We create conceptual solutions for retail and office spaces from the first sketches to the actual realization of the project. 

We design and produce ideal tailored solutions, this includes strategy, imaginative concept, also adaptability, installation and design of shelf systems, and finally the production and servicing of the designed product. 

Our priority is an ideal balance between the aesthetics and functionality of the whole while maintaining high quality. 

Our goal is to form long-lasting relationships with our clients, whose satisfaction is our priority. 

An entire team of experts will be at your service. Their experience ranges from working on small store units in prestigious shopping malls to large comercial administrative centres of significant international companies. 


  • Established in Chicago, USA in 1950
  • Private company with a transparent structure of ownership
  • More than 800 employees in 19 cities all over the world